What the pros are saying about Bob Carpenter's Baseball Scorebook...

  • "The best I've worked with...Bob Carpenter just might have designed the ultimate scorebook!"
    Buck Martinez
    16-year Major Leaguer
    TBS & Toronto Bluejays Announcer

  • "Bob's Scorebook is the best! It helps me keep track of who's in and who's out, and I can keep score my way. It especially shined during the 2022 All-Star Game with all the pitching changes and substitutions. It's a real winner, and the only Scorebook I will ever use!"

    Todd Leitz

    LA Dodgers PA

  • "A must buy! This book is so helpful in doing my job because it helps keep things organized for myself as well as knowing that immediate information is right at your fingertips!"
    Stu Paul
    San Antonio Missions
    Nashville Sounds

  • "This is the most complete and thorough scorebook available. Every aspect of the game has been taken into account, and all vital information for broadcasters and fans is right at your fingertips."
    Scott Garner
    Frisco Roughriders

  • "I love my Bob Carpenter Scorebook and can't imagine calling a game without it.¬† It is a comfort thing for me and as long as I am calling baseball it will be my scorebook."
    Johnny Doskow
    Cedar Rapids, High Desert, Fresno, Sacramento and Oakland A's Radio

  • "I've been a BC Scorebook user since 1998.¬†¬†It allows for¬†you to customize¬†as much detail as you like while staying an 8 1/2 by 11 inch size. With 200 Games, you can go from¬†your first spring broadcast right¬†through the year, even post-season if¬†you're lucky enough to get there. I wouldn't use anything else to score my games."
    Charlie Slowes
    Washington Nationals Radio

Who's Using It?

The scorebook has been used at the high school, collegiate and pro levels, including Major League Announcers. Check out the extensive list below to view the Major League, Minor League, and College announcers who have used the scorebook.

Major League Announcers, Reporters, Executives & Scouts

  • Rod Allen MIA Marlins

    Mark Amento ESPN
    Brian Anderson TBS
    Geoff Arnold BAL Orioles
    Kevin Barker TOR Blue Jays
    Dan Barr YES Network
    Jordan Bastian mlb.com
    Alan Begier
    BOS Red Sox
    Jason Benetti CHI White Sox, DET Tigers
    Susan Bickelhaupt Boston Globe
    Kyle Binder AZ Diamondbacks
    Jerry Blevins NY Mets

    Bert Blyleven MIN Twins
    Erik Boland Newsday
    Brian Bogusevic HOU Astros

    Mike Bordick BAL Orioles
    Jeff Brantley ESPN
    Dick Bremer MIN Twins
    Chris Briones TEX Rangers
    Kevin Brown BAL Orioles
    Joe Buck Fox
    Chris Burke ESPN
    Nick Cafardo Boston Globe
    Peter Caldera Bergen Record
    Tom Candiotti AZ Diamondbacks
    Chip Caray ATL Braves
    Tom Caron BOS Red Sox

    Bob Carpenter WSH Nationals
    Jorge Castillo LA Times
    Jenny Cavnar OAK Athletics

    Eric Collins LA Dodgers
    Brian Costello NY Post
    Rich Countinho SNY.TV
    Jack Curry YES Network
    Christopher Dabe Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
    Mike Daly Texas Rangers
    Sara Dailey Fox Midwest
    Joe D'Ambrosio ESPN Radio
    Jim Day CIN Reds
    George Devine Fox Sports Radio
    Rob Dibble WSH Nationals
    Brett Dolan HOU Astros
    Johnny Doskow OAK Athletics

    Jesse Dougherty Washington Post
    Gordon Edes ESPN Boston
    Matt Ehalt The Record NJ
    Cal Eldred STL Cardinals
    Dan Evans LA Dodgers
    Seth Everett NY Mets
    Howard Feinberg Fox Sports
    Alfonso Fernandez MIN Twins Spanish
    Jennie Finch ESPN
    John Finger Comcast Sports Net
    John Flaherty NY Yankees
    Elijah Flewellen TB Rays
    Robert Ford HOU Astros
    Elizabeth Fors FSN North
    Sam Fortier Washington Post
    Chuck Friemund WSSP MIL Brewers
    Harry Frezza Gannett New Jersey
    Maggie Gallegos FS Wisconsin
    Peter Gammons ESPN
    Scott Garceau BAL Orioles
    Nomar Garciaparra LA Dodgers
    Glenn Gefner MIA Marlins
    Kirk Gibson DET Tigers
    Ben Goessling masnsports.com
    Andrew Golden Washington Post

    Kevin Goldstein Baseball Prospectus
    Kevin Gorman PIT Tribune-Review
    Tyler Graham PIT Pirates
    Mark Grant SD Padres
    Nick Green ATL Braves

    Lane Grindle MIL Brewers
    Andrew Gruman MIL Brewers
    Scott Gustafson ESPN
    Tony Gwynn, Jr. SD Padres
    Josh Hall Bally Sports Ohio
    Tom Hart ESPN
    Craig Heist WSH Nationals
    Orel Hershiser LA Dodgers
    Brett Hollander BAL Orioles
    Rich Hollenberg TB Rays

    Ryan Heuter SEA Mariners
    Richard Hogue WGN Radio
    Bryan Hoch mlb.com
    Kevin Holden MIL Brewers
    Brett Hollander BAL Orioles

    Anthony Holeman ESPN
    Rick Horton STL Cardinals
    Jay Horwitz NY Mets
    Al Hrabosky STL Cardinals
    Mario Impemba DET Tigers
    Ben Ingram ATL Braves
    Shane Jackson mlb.com
    Dave Jageler
    WSH Nationals & ESPN Radio
    Walt Jocketty STL Cardinals
    Dave Johnson BAL Orioles
    Ernie Johnson TBS
    Timothy Jones BAL Orioles
    Brian Jordan ATL Braves
    Matt Judkins The Sporting News
    Jerome Jurenovich ATL Braves
    Sam Kahn, Jr. Houston Chronicle
    Howard Kaplan MLB
    Moise Kapenda Bower Houston Chronicle
    Eric Karros Fox
    Erik Kendall Fox Sports
    Kevin Kennedy LA Dodgers
    Byron Kerr WSH Nationals
    Pete Kerzel MASN
    Ray Knight WSH Nationals
    Dan Kolko WSH Nationals
    Paul Krause FSN Arizona
    Daniel Kuehner Fox Wisconsin
    Kourage Kundahl DET Tigers
    Bob Kurtz MIN Twins
    Justin Kutcher Fox Sports
    Bill Ladson mlb.com
    Jenifer Langosch
    Jane Lee
    Dave Leno
    Holly Lindvall NY Mets

  • Bob Lorenz YES Network
    Mike MacFarlane ESPN
    Fred Manfra BAL Orioles
    Meredith Marakovits YES Network
    Buck Martinez TOR Bluejays
    Tony Massarroti Boston Herald
    Andy Masur SD Padres
    Josh Maurer MIL Brewers

    Wallace Matthews NY Times
    Kevin McAlpin ATL Braves
    Pete McCarthy WOR-AM
    Hal McCoy CIN Reds
    Joe McCoy ESPN
    Andy McCullough LA Times
    William McGovern KC Royals
    Connor McKnight CHI White Sox
    Mark McLemore TEX Rangers
    Tim McMaster mlb.com
    Lou Merloni
    BOS Red Sox

    Chris Meyers Fox
    Gary Miller ESPN
    Jeff Miller Comcast Chicago
    Craig Minervini MIA Marlins
    Jeff Mitchell NESN
    Hector Molina CHI White Sox
    John Morosi foxsports.com
    Joe Morgan
    Mike Morgan ATL Braves
    Jack Morris TOR Bluejays
    Rance Mulliniks TOR Bluejays
    Lavelle Neal Minneapolis Star-Tribune
    Mark Neely SD Padres
    Jeff Nelson MIA Marlins & NY Yankees

    Tim Neverett BOS Red Sox
    Cameron Norris ESPN
    Spencer Nusbaum Washington Post

    Andrew Olson MIL Brewers
    Tom Paciorek WSH Nationals
    Greg Papa ESPN
    Zac Parker HOU Astros
    Jason Parks Baseball Prospectus
    Pat Parris FOX Sports Arizona
    Mike Peasley TEX Rangers
    Kyle Peterson ESPN
    Chris Pfeiffer mlb.com
    Jeff Piecoro
    CIN Reds
    AJ Pierzynski Fox Sports

    Mike Pomeranz SD Padres
    A.J. Preller SD Padres
    Daniel Price SABR
    Mel Proctor WSH Nationals
    Corey Provus CHI Cubs
    Jeff Quagliata YES Network
    Wayne Randazzo NY Mets & LA Angels
    Dave Raymond HOU Astros
    Jerry Reuss LA Dodgers
    Rickie Ricardo NY Yankees Spanish Radio
    Alex Rivera SEA Mariners
    Evan Roberts WFAN
    Wave Robinson HOU Astros
    Jose Rodriguez Mayaguez PR
    Lisa Rodriguez MIL Brewers
    Luciano Rodriguez WSH Nationals

    Anne Rogers mlb.com
    Victor Rojas
    MLB Radio
    Howie Rose NY Mets
    John Royal Houston Press
    Sam Ryan MLB Network
    John Sadak CIN Reds
    Gustavo Salazar WSH Nationals

    Gaby Sanchez MIA Marlins
    Michael Santini MLB Network
    Bob Scanlan SD Padres
    Ryan Schaber FSN North
    Greg Schaum KC Royals
    John Schriffen CHI White Sox

    Paul Severino MIA Marlins
    Dan Shulman TOR Blue Jays
    Joe Siddall TOR Bluejays
    Kyle Sielaff MIA Marlins
    Andrew Simon mlb.com
    Dave Sims
    SEA Mariners
    Chris Singleton ESPN
    Matt Slater STL Cardinals
    Charlie Slowes WSH Nationals
    James Smyth YES Network
    Christopher Snow Boston Globe
    Denard Span MIN Twins & TB Rays

    Josh Stein SD Padres
    Andrew Stiles STL Cardinals
    Brent Stover CBS Sports Network
    Rick Sutcliffe ESPN
    Charley Steiner LA Dodgers
    Mark Sweeney SD Padres
    Pat Tabler TOR Bluejays
    Debbi Taylor WSH Nationals
    Wes Tervo mlb.com
    Brad Thompson STL Cardinals

    Mike Toomey KC Royals
    William Toomey SF Giants
    David Traut Fox Wisconsin
    Fred Uhlman, Jr SD Padres

    Kyle Vena KC Royals
    Tom Verducci Fox
    Mark Vidonic PIT Pirates
    Frank Viola ESPN
    Doug Waechter TB Rays
    Tim Wakefield BOS Red Sox

    Suzyn Waldman NY Yankees

    Todd Walker ESPN
    John Walsh FSN North
    Doug Walton TOR Blue Jays

    Pam Ward ESPN
    Bill Webb Fox
    Dani Wexelman MLB Radio

    Hank Widmer mlb.com
    Matt Wilkins
    STL Cardinals
    George Will Columnist
    Ethan Wilson NY Mets
    Katie Woo The Athletic
    Brian Woodrum ATL Braves
    Van Earl Wright ATL Braves
    Kevin Youkilis BOS Red Sox
    Zach Zaidman CHI Cubs

    Dan Zangrilli KDKA PIT Pirates
    Jeffrey Zippi MLB Network
    Don Zminda Stats, Inc.
    Mark Zuckerman MASN

Minor League/College Announcers & Executives

  • Aaron Arnstein U. Maryland
    Aaron Brodie Florence
    Aaron Cox Hickory
    Aaron Coyle Trine U.
    Aaron Gillespie Menlo College
    Adam Amin Somerset
    Adam Giardino Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
    Adam Greenberg ACC Network
    Adam Eichstedt Daytona
    Adam Lucas U. North Carolina
    Adam McDonald St. Lucie
    Adam Pohl Bowie
    Adyson Harrah Kennesaw St.
    Al Coates Edmonton
    Al Thomas Shorter College
    Alan Barr Grand Prairie
    Alan Horton San Diego State U.
    Alan York Winston-Salem
    Alex Del Barrio Edinburg
    Alex Cohen Memphis
    Alexander Coil Arizona St.
    Alexander Gyr Lakewood
    Alex Freedman Oklahoma City
    Alex Herrnberger Kane Co.
    Alexander Jimenez Cornell U.
    Alex Perlman U. Arkansas
    Alexander Vispoli Frisco
    Amanda Burford Birmingham Southern
    Amy Venuto Aberdeen
    Anders Jorstad Lynchburg
    Andrea Breen Iowa
    Andrew Allegretta Tulane
    Andrew Buchbinder Springfield
    Andrew Chandler Eastern Kentucky U.
    Andrew Luftgrass Lake County
    Andrew Mild Southern Maryland

    Andrew Mossbrooks Lancaster
    Andrew Murphy Winston-Salem
    Andrew Reynolds NW Arkansas
    Andrew Rudnick Quad Cities
    Andrew Sanders NC State U.
    Andrew Viano Gary South Shore
    Andrew Whalen Florence
    Andy Barch Lake Erie
    Andy Helwig St. Paul
    Andy Hoover Hickory
    Andy Humphrey Sugar Land
    Anthony Garcia Oregon St.
    Anthony McPherson Frisco
    Anthony Rifenberg Sacramento St
    Ariya Massoudi ACC Network
    Audie Wise Florence
    Austin Pert Army

    Austin Pollack Mahoning Valley
    Barry Bradshaw Forest
    Barry Lewis Tulsa World
    Bart Gregory Mississippi St. U.
    Ben Adler Great Falls
    Ben Miller Amarillo
    Ben Chiswick W. Michigan
    Ben Deach U. Nevada
    Ben Gordon-Goldstein Bowie
    Ben Pokorny Bradenton

    Benjamin Altscher Portland
    Benjamin Gellman-Chomsky Clearwater
    Benjamin Kelly NW Arkansas
    Benjamin Serpa Modesto
    Bill Doleman Lincoln
    Bill Rogan Hudson Valley
    Bill Rogers U. Arkansas
    Bill Wakefield Portland
    Bill Wells Salem
    Blake Benard Falmouth
    Blake Scott Mississippi
    Bob Behler Boise St.
    Bob Lipman New Hampshire
    Bob McElligott Syracuse
    Bob Socci Delmarva
    Bobby Krause Arizona State
    Boomer West Grand Prairie
    Brad Allred Cleburne
    Brad Sparesus Harrisburg
    Brad Cox Baylor U.
    Brady Laber Cincinnati
    Bradley Morris Indianapolis
    Brandon Bulanda Southern Maryland
    Brandon Gaudin Orem
    Brandon Liebhaber Jackson
    Brendan Glasheen Batavia
    Brendan Gulick Delmarva
    Brendan King South Bend
    Brent Poplin Kennesaw State U.
    Brett Dolan U. Arkansas
    Brett Franklin Danbury
    Brett Lasky Fayetteville
    Brett Pollock Omaha
    Brett Quintyne Norwich
    Brian Brownfield Menlo College
    Brian Foley College Baseball Daily
    Brian Irizarry New Haven Co
    Brian Millhorn Arizona State U.
    Brian Morris Ottawa
    Brian Prawitz U. Oregon
    Brian Schackow Ft. Wayne
    Brian Thomas Bakersfield
    Brian Wheeler Hillsboro
    Bryan Beban Eugene
    Bryan Holland Potomac
    Bryan Neece Huntsville
    Bryan Olson Indiana U.
    Carson Bowen Wilmington
    Carter Blackburn Wake Forest U.
    Carter Woodiel Sioux Falls & KC Monarchs
    Celeste Hotze Salem
    Chad Seeley Clinton
    Charles McMillan SEC Network
    Cheyne Reiter Clinton
    Chris Cameron Portland
    Chris Edwards Duke U.
    Chris Harris Mississippi
    Chris Long Quincy
    Chris Marasco Hudson Valley
    Chris Morrison SEC Network
    Chris Robinson Louisville
    Christian Bruey Hagerstown
    Christopher Drabik Potomac
    Christopher Hagstrom SIU
    Christopher Jones Connecticut
    Christopher Knoblock New Britain
    Christopher Speziale Harwich
    Christopher Villani Vermont
    Christopher Vosters Great Lakes
    Cody Crusciel Princeton
    Cody Normand Yarmouth
    Cody Schindler Peoria

    Colin Casey Fayetteville

    Colin Lacy Georgia Southern U.
    Collin Balester Toledo
    Connor Onion Kane Co./SIU
    Conor Clingen Kane Co.

    Conor Fredland NW Indiana

    Cooper Perkins Missoula
    Corbu Stathes St. Paul
    Corey Chizmar North Florida
    Corey Gloor Tulane
    Cory Stace Fort Wayne
    Craig Bilazarian Auburn U.
    Craig D'Amico Northeast Conference
    Craig Hicks Denison U.
    Curt Bloom Birmingham
    Curt Buckler Lynn U.
    Damon Sunde SE Louisiana U.
    Dan Acheson Colorado Springs
    Daniel Besbris Visalia
    Dan Flanagan Tri-City
    Dan Hasty W. Michigan
    Dan Hoard Pawtucket
    Dan McDonald Louisiana Lafayette
    Dan Lavallo Hartford
    Dan Smith Long Beach State U.
    Dan Bumpus Kannapolis
    Dan Scott Clemson U.
    Dan Smith Jupiter
    Dan Vaughn Jacksonville
    Dan Watson Daytona
    Dan Zangrilli Altoona
    Daniel Lavallo New Britain
    Daniel Taylor Miami OH U.
    Danny Reed Bowling Green
    Darin Pritchett South Bend
    Darin Sense Hagerstown
    Darin Thomas U. TX-Arlington
    Darrel Henry York
    Darren Headrick Carolina
    Darrin Gross Sacramento
    Darryl Ely UVA-Wise
    Dave Albrecht Jupiter
    Dave Garson Aberdeen
    Dave Hunziker Oklahoma State U.
    Dave Jageler Pawtucket
    Dave Lezotte Gwinnett
    Dave Nathan U. North Carolina
    Dave Polaski Radford
    Dave Woloshin Memphis
    David Bearman Albuquerque
    David Fine Lansing
    David Friedman Hickory
    David Jackson Appalachian Sports
    David Jarman Evansville
    David Lezotte Gwinnett
    David Nathan U. N. Carolina
    David Rosenthal Wm. Jessup U.
    David Walkovic Brevard Co.
    David Wiechmann Stephen F. Austin
    David Wilson Akron
    Davis Ellington Rancho Cucamonga
    Deb Gade-Sipp Lincoln

    Declan Goff St. Paul
    Derek Ingram Daytona
    Derek Smith Baylor
    Dick Calvert Las Vegas Aviators
    Dirk Brinkmeyer Iowa
    Don Lovallo New Britain
    Donna Berg UMass
    Donny Barns Visalia
    DougMalan Middle Tennessee State
    Doug Page Elmira
    Drew Carter Chatham
    Drew Thomas Coastal Carolina
    Dustin Daniel Billings
    Ed Cohen Burlington
    Eddie Bradford U. Of The Pacific
    Edwin Richardson Murray State
    Edwin Hunt San Rafael
    Eli Gold U. Alabama
    Elijah Gonzalez Connecticut
    Emory Wilson III Lansing
    Eric Frost Texas A&M
    Eric Gallanty Ocean State
    Eric Rhew Towson U.
    Erik Elven Tri-City
    Erik Hansen Oral Roberts U.
    Ethan Shawlee Sacramento
    Evan Giddings Salem-Keizer
    Evan Hughes Va. Tech
    Evan Pivnick Bowling Green OH
    Evan Stockton Fort Wayne
    Frankie Vernouski Harrisburg
    G. Stan Bradley U.MD-Eastern Shore
    Gabriel Bock Texas A&M U.
    Garrett Greene Biloxi
    Gary Durbin Lexington
    Glenn Mehrtens New Orleans
    Geoff Arnold Frederick
    Geoff Corkum Tacoma
    Geoff Haxton Oral Roberts U. & Texas Tech
    Geoffrey Safford Sonoma
    George Bissell Newport
    Grant Burkhardt Southern Ohio
    Greg Suire HiToms Baseball
    Greg Wrubell BYU
    Gregory Diener Hamptons
    Gregory Mroz Clinton
    Gregory Murray Battle Creek
    Gregory Young Modesto
    Griffin Della Penna Batavia
    Han Fuerst Bowling Green
    Harrison Swartz Johns Hopkins
    Hugh Davis Lexington
    J. Bart Gregory Miss. St.
    Jack Keffer Wilmington
    Jacob Corrigan West Virginia
    Jacob Donnelly Wilmington
    Jacob Levy Quad Cities
    Jacob Pavilack Kent St.
    Jacob Van Ryn Albany-Colonie
    James Branyon Burlington
    James Gagnon Riverside
    Jared Revlett Lynchburg
    Jason Benetti Syracuse
    Jason Cantone Jupiter
    Jason Dambach Altoona
    Jason Falls Birmingham & Southern U.
    Jason Hermes Buenos Aires
    Jason Kempf Dayton & Charleston
    Jason Lamar DuPage
    Jason Martin Auburn U. Montgomery
    Jason Prill Lynchburg
    Jason Troop Burlington
    Jason Van Arkel Lincoln
    Jason Wechsler Syracuse
    Jason Zanaboni Derby & Texas
    Jasper Goodman Vermont
    Jay Burnham Richmond
    Jay Monaco Notre Dame
    Jay Murry Wash U St. Louis
    Jay Walker UL-Lafayette
    Jeff Bowe High Desert
    Jeff Brightwell U. of Memphis
    Jeff Evans Arizona St. U.
    Jeff Johnson Florence
    Jeff Lanham U. Rio Grande
    Jeff Lantz Iowa
    Jeff Tourial WCC
    Jeff Matthews New Mexico St. U.
    Jeremy McCalin Delta State U.
    Jerry Schemmel Colorado St. U.
    Jerry Smith U. of Oregon
    Jess Knaster St. Cloud
    Jesse Goldberg-Strassler Lansing
    Jesse Nadelman Syracuse
    Jillian Gearing Visalia
    Jim Hefley Portland
    Jim Powell U. South Carolina
    Joe Ameruoso New Jersey
    Joe Brand Kane Co.

    Joe Hecht Sioux City
    Joe Moore Altoona
    Joe Pott Gateway
    Joe Traub Biloxi
    Joe Vasile Hudson Valley
    Joey McMurry U. Oregon
    John Beck E. Texas
    John Bryson College of Charleston
    John Cornell U. Georgia
    John Cunningham Connecticut
    John Fitzgerald Rockford
    John Heath Rice
    John Horshok N. Carolina
    John Leahy Lowell
    John Liddle San Angelo
    John Lucien South Bend
    John McMullen Indianapolis

    John Meissner Salem-Keizer
    John Moon U. Lousiana Lafayette
    John Morris U. Southern Maryland
    John Nolan Ft. Wayne
    John Thomas Albany-Colonie
    John Vilardo Massapequa
    John Zarr New Hampshire
    Johnny Doskow Sacramento
    Jon Barr El Paso
    Jon Laaser Richmond
    Jonah Goldberg Rio Grande

  • Jonathan Barr Great Falls
    Jonathan Hodgson Okotoks, Canada
    Jonathan Mozes Trenton & Altoona
    Jonathan Rosen High Desert
    Jonathan Kurman Medford
    Jonathan Versteeg Connecticut
    Jonathan Wincott Binghamton
    José Reynoso Sacramento
    Joseph Olson Kenosha

    Joseph Vasile Long Island
    Joey Zanaboni Derby
    Josh Anderson Florence
    Josh Bryson College of Charleston
    Josh Caray Hudson Valley
    Josh Flickinger Greensboro
    Josh Maurer Worcester
    Josh Olerud Potomac
    Josh Rogol Visalia
    Josh Sperber Clearwater

    Joshua Anderson River City
    Joshua Horton Mankato
    JJ Gebo Adirondack

    JP Heath Rice U.
    JP Shadrick Oklahoma City
    J.T. Crabtree U. South Alabama
    Judson Hickinbotham Gwinnett
    Justin Baker Mobile
    Justin Cazana Auburn U.
    Justin Cohen Lincoln
    Justin Hall Lexington Co.
    Justin Deutsch Richmond
    Justin Kutcher Portland
    Justin Murphy Hagerstown
    Justin Shackil Trenton
    Justin Frederickson St. Joseph
    Justin Stokes Samford
    J.W. Cox St. Paul
    Kari Rumfield Canterbury
    Keaton Gillogly Modesto
    Keith Brake Walla Walla
    Keith Elkins Lexington
    Keith Noonan Southern Maryland

    Keith Zubrow Chatham
    Ken Jackson U. Kansas
    Kenny Lindbergh Jamestown
    Kent Hormann Fort Wayne
    Kevin Brown Syracuse
    Kevin Burkhardt New Jersey
    Kevin Fitzgerald Columbia
    Kevin Gehl Connecticut
    Kevin Greim Missouri Southern U.
    Kevin Tuve Rockland
    Kimberly Bare Sacramento
    Kourage Kundahl Pensacola
    Kyle Binder Princeton
    Kyle Crooks U. Florida
    Kyle DeSantis Wichita

    Kyle Gutshall Strasburg
    Kyle Kercheval Quad Cities
    Kyle Tait Mississippi
    Lance Morris Xenia
    Landon Vincent Tucson
    Lane Grindle U. Nebraska
    Lary Sorensen Wake Forest U.

    Larry Bump Frisco
    Larry Glover Lexington
    Larry Ward Chattanooga
    Lawrence Bump Texas League
    Len Clark U. Evansville
    Leonard Barry Boise
    Logan Lawrence St. Edward's U.
    Loren Crispell Penn St.
    Lucas Corley Evansville
    Lukas Moore Kalamazoo
    Luke Martin Indiana St.
    Luke Mauro Daytona
    Malcolm Gray E. Carolina U.
    Marc Schwartz Somerset
    Marc Lanave Akron
    Mark Aucutt Salem
    Mark Cantrell LSU Shreveport
    Mark Means Mahoning Valley
    Mark Moesner Joliet
    Mark Neely Tulsa
    Mark Honbo Pacific Coast League
    Marshall Kelner Harrisburg
    Mason Robinson San Antonio
    Matt D'Agostino Kannapolis
    Matt Davis Jacksonville
    Matt Dean Charleston
    Matt Dudas Arkansas
    Matt Gorski Louisville
    Matt Harvey Birmingham
    Matt Jones Delta St. U.
    Matt Krause U. N. Carolina
    Matt Martinez Connecticut
    Matt Noble Frederick
    Matt Pauley Colorado Springs
    Matt Sutor Morehead City
    Matt Swierad Charlotte
    Matthew Chazanow Washington State
    Matthew Dean Charleston & St. Paul
    Matthew Kirby Adrian College
    Matthew Lively Duluth
    Matthew McCarthy Portland
    Matthew Noonan U. Cincinnati
    Matthew Scalzo Penn St.
    Matthew Shanklin LSU
    Matthew Venezia Arizona St.
    Maura Sheridan Lynchburg
    Max Herz Vanderbilt
    Max Thomas S. Bend
    Meghan Heinchon IMG College
    Micah Schroeder LaCrosse
    Michael Baca Chico
    Michael Couzens Dayton
    Michael Dixon Lincoln

    Michael Kaufman UCLA
    Michael Keely Rochester
    Michael Kitchell Richmond
    Michael Lefko Winston-Salem
    Michael Mohr New Britain
    Michael Pacheco Charlotte
    Michael Polak Long Island
    Michael Powers Beloit
    Michael Schroeder Memphis
    Michael Thornton Portland
    Michael Tidrow Missoula
    Michael Ventola Lehigh Valley
    Michael Ventura S. Illinois
    Michelle Keife Nicholls St.
    Mike Antonellis Pawtucket
    Mike Baca Chico St. U.
    Mike Capps Round Rock
    Mike Couzens Fort Wayne
    Mike Curto Tacoma
    Mike Keeley Rochester
    Mike Lockert South Bend
    Mike McCarroll Stockton
    Mike Morgan U. South Carolina
    Mike Morgan Gwinnett
    Mike Reis SIU-Carbondale
    Mike Saeger San Antonio
    Mike Sammond Gwinnett
    Mike Warren Trenton

    Mike Weltman Hudson Valley
    Mike White Bluefield College
    Mike Winter Conway
    Mitch Tom Sacramento
    Mitchell Speltz Augusta
    Morgan Hawk Cedar Rapids
    Nate Bowdern Washington
    Nate Gatter Gateway
    Nate Wilks Augusta
    Nathan Baliva Peoria
    Nathan Frieling Dallas Baptist
    Nathan Loprete Lake Erie
    Nathan March Bradenton
    Nicholas Coit Cotuit
    Nick Gryniewicz U. South Florida
    Nick Sekkas Hagerstown
    Owen Newkirk Berkshire
    Pam Ward ESPN
    Parker Schwartz Kane Co.
    Pat McConnell Charlotte
    Patrick Netherton NWern LA State
    Patrick Osterman W. Illinois U.
    Paul Chiofar Boise
    Paul Fetz Helena
    Paul Hermann Bridgeport
    Paul Loeffler Fresno St.
    Paul Ruf, Jr. Boston College
    Paul Severino AZ Fall League
    Paul Taylor Bowling Green
    Perry Miles Bridgeport
    Peter Knudson Eau Claire
    Pierce Saylock U. Nebraska

    Preston Shoemaker Altoona

    Qumar Zaman Schaumburg
    Randy Gawthrop W. Kentucky U.
    Randy Jackson Appalachian St.
    Randy Policar Lake Co
    Randy Scott Delmarva
    Ray Jensen Wisconsin
    Reily Chestnut Belmont U.

    Rick Parr Tucson
    Rick Schultz Norwich
    Ricky Ray East Carolina U.
    Richard Rungaitis Schaumburg
    Richard Cibrano Staten Island
    RJ Garcea Bridgeport
    Robert Bentz Chester Co.
    Robert Fish Richmond
    Robert Greisinger Penn St. U.-Altoona
    Robert Hamilton SW Miss. CC
    Robert Holland Outer Banks
    Robert Lipman New Hampshire
    Robert McCullough Newark Star-Ledger
    Robert Moreno AA Baseball Puerto Rico
    Robert Redd Bloomfield College
    Robert Rundle Florence
    Robert Schreier Salem-Keizer

    Robert Stewart U. Arkansas

    Robert Woodward Winthrop U.
    Roger Hoover Jacksonville
    Roger Redmon Florence
    Ron Potesta Altoona
    Roy Acuff San Antonio
    Russ Eisenstein Eugene
    Ryan Bower Florida Southern
    Ryan Carlson San Jose St.
    Ryan Chambers Georgia Southern
    Ryan Johnson Lowell
    Ryan Mock Hagerstown
    Ryan Pickens Utah Valley U.
    Ryan Radtke Reno
    Ryan Ritchey Spaulding U.
    Ryan Russell U. Minnesota
    Ryan Watters Kelowna
    Ryan Young Fresno
    Ryne Buchanan River City
    Sam Bruno Seacoast
    Sam Farber Inland Empire
    Sam Davis U. Kansas
    Sam Hovan St. Paul
    Scott Armstrong El Paso
    Scott Beatty U. Illinois
    Scott Damhoff Clinton

    Scott Galeti Long Beach State U. & U. New Mexico
    Scott Garner Frisco
    Scott Gierman Southern Illinois
    Scott Kornberg Jacksonville
    Scott Leo Columbus
    Scott Masteller Wichita
    Scott McCauley Indianapolis
    Scott Pose Big 10 Network
    Scott Sudikoff Brockton
    Sean Aronson St. Paul
    Sean Kelley Tulane U.
    Sean Salisbury St. Cloud
    Seth Mack West Virginia U.
    Seth Millhorn Daytona
    Skip Boyden Grand Prairie
    Spencer Kitley U. Texas
    Spencer Schubert Lincoln
    Spencer Thurling Wenatchee
    Stephen Casseli Sacramento
    Stephen Aldridge Union U.
    Steve Goldberg Yarmouth-Dennis
    Steve Granado Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
    Steve Hyder Pawtucket
    Steve Jones State College
    Steve Kolbe George Mason U.
    Steve Kornya Huntsville
    Steve Lenox Aberdeen
    Steve Lomangino Lehigh
    Steve Marston Arkansas State U.
    Steve Smith Bowie
    Steve Wendt Inland Empire
    Steven Hallowell Delco
    Stu Paul Nashville
    Susan Strother Alexandria
    Taylor Durham Elon U.
    Taylor Fortney Bethany College
    Taylor Morgan Reno
    Terry Byrom Harrisburg
    Theodore Beam Altoona
    Theodore Beam, Jr. Eastern League
    Theodore Guttman Burlington
    Thomas Gauthier Bowling Green
    Thomas Murabito Great Falls
    Thomas Porter New Bedford
    Tim Arseneau Marion
    Tim Becwar UC-Irvine
    Tim Calderwood Schaumburg
    Tim Fitzgerald Vallejo
    Tim Grubbs New Orleans & Wichita
    Tim Hagerty El Paso
    Tim Livingston Sonoma
    Tim McCaughan TAMU-Corpus Christi
    Tim McCord Wisconsin
    Tim Murray Frederick
    Tim Pozsgai Mahoning Valley
    Timmy Leonard Syracuse
    Timothy Haggerty Tucson
    Toby Rowland U. Oklahoma
    Todd Bell Columbus
    Todd Hamilton Western Kentucky U.
    Todd Miles U. Oregon
    Todd Schumacher Mobile
    Tom Caudill Muskingum U.
    Tom Hart Winston-Salem
    Tom McDonald Jupiter
    Tom Seidler Visalia
    Tom Stocker Memphis
    Torey Fox Ball St.
    Towney Godfrey Aberdeen
    Travis Jerome Troy U.
    Travis Lucian Myrtle Beach
    Trevor Turner Williamsport
    Tristan Hobbes Walla-Walla
    Troy Eklund U. Arkansas
    Troy Lynch Bourne
    Ty Linder Kent St.
    Tyler Maun Myrtle Beach
    Tyler Murray New Hampshire
    Tyler Springs Jackson
    Tyson Whiting Idaho Falls
    Victor Anderson Rollins College
    Wayne Fuller Batavia
    Wayne Randazzo Kane County
    Wes Griffin Delmarva
    Wesley Crane U. Kentucky
    Weston Warner Northwood U.
    Wil Fleming Indianapolis
    Will Sahlie Auburn
    William Bumgardner Reno P.A.
    William Hibbard Winthrop U.
    William Munson Clemson
    William Reynolds Hastings
    William Taylor Aberdeen
    William Wakefield Portland
    Zach Bigley Frisco
    Zach Brookman Modesto
    Zach Mackey U. Iowa
    Zachary Weber Gwinnett
    Zane Clodfelter Evansville
    Zealand Shannon Tampa