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What The Pros Are Saying...
"The best I've worked with...Bob Carpenter just might have designed the ultimate scorebook!"
Buck Martinez
16-year Major Leaguer
TBS & Toronto Bluejays Announcer
"A must buy! This book is so helpful in doing my job because it helps keep things organized for myself as well as knowing that immediate information is right at your fingertips!"
Stu Paul
San Antonio Missions
"This is the most complete and thorough scorebook available. Every aspect of the game has been taken into account, and all vital information for broadcasters and fans is right at your fingertips."
Scott Garner
Frisco Roughriders
Thinking About Broadcasting?
I get frequent requests of ā€œIā€™m interested in broadcasting and play-by-play... what do I do?ā€ So I worked up this outline to give you some real suggestions on the best things to do.

"Over thirty years of broadcasting experience, innovative ideas and trial-and-error have gone into the design of the Baseball Scorebook.

I hope you all agree, whether you're a professional broadcaster or a fan, that it is a most effective tool for your coverage and enjoyment of the game!"
Bob Carpenter

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